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Peoria, Arizona Tree Nursery

Whether you've always imagined biting into the fruit from your own fruit tree or sitting under the canopy of a large shade tree, Whitfill Nursery can create that environment for your property in Peoria, Arizona.
Besides being beautiful with its hard trunk and supple leaves, trees offer many practical uses. Hardwoods such as cherry, birch, beech, hickory or oak, cover our floors and frame our homes. From softwood trees such as pine, spruce or cedar, we get paper, pencils and mulch. Trees in their natural living state produce carbon dioxide that reduces pollution's impact on our atmosphere. Trees also protect us from gusty winds and the scorching heat and provide privacy and reduce noise. Finally, without trees we wouldn't have fruits, nuts, and syrups to nourish us. For whatever reason you'd like a tree on your property, Whitfill Nursery has the knowledge and the variety to assist you with your selection.
Because we are a grower-direct nursery in Peoria, Arizona and the surrounding areas, Whitfill Nursery has a large array of trees on-site including:
Palm Trees – whether tropical or desert, fruit-bearing or fiber-producing, palm trees come in a number of varieties including Mexican Fan, Date, Pygmy Date, Queen Palm, and Mediterranean Fan among others.

Desert Trees – desert trees such as Ash, Ficus, Mesquite, Palo Verde, Sisso, Acacia and Rosewood among many others, are fully capable of withstanding the desert's harsh sun and regular drought conditions.

Shade Trees – in the roasting heat of the desert or arid climates,  nothing makes the outdoors more bearable than the large canopy of a shade tree such as a variety of Maple trees, Elm, and Oak trees.

Citrus Trees – providing a wealth of color and fruit, citrus trees are a popular fruit tree in warmer climates. Whitfill Nursery offers Valencia Orange, Tangelo, Lime, Grapefruit, and Lemon trees.

Flowering Trees – flowering trees add a unique dimension of color and scents to your outdoor environment. Offering a variety of color blooms, choose from Myrtle, Palo Verde, Hong Kong Orchid, Jacaranda and Oleander trees.
While trees create the structure of any landscape, shrubs, tropical plants, and flowers are needed to give a landscape its depth.
Whitfill Nursery offers a wide variety of living complements to your trees, such as:

Shrubs – larger than ground covering plants and flowers, shrubs offer the next level of complexity after trees. Low to the ground and offering many branches with rich green foliage and colorful blooms, shrubs such as Bougainvillea, Sage, Lantana and Dwarf Oleander are popular.

 Tropical Plants – creating an island-like environment, tropical plants provide vibrant color to any environment. We offer a wide selection of tropical plants including Succulents, Banana trees, and Aloha Lilies.

With a vast selection of shrubs, plants and flowers, plus a greenhouse on the premises for houseplants and exotics, Whitfill Nursery has the remedy for all of your plant needs.

Whether your outdoor space requires a shrub to visually anchor the trees to the grass or you need a tree to block the view of the two-story house behind your property, Whitfill Nursery has the best selection of trees, plants and shrubs in Peoria, Arizona.

To discover more about Whitfill Nursery read our About Us page, visit one of our three Valley locations or use the contact form below and find out why Whitfill Nursery is  “where we still do the digging”.

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